We become God’s mighty men.

Offering an unparalleled experience of a lifetime. Just like in previous years, the 2024 edition promises impactful Bible teachings, heartfelt prayer sessions, exciting games, and a myriad of engaging activities.

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Transformative Teachings, Endless Fun, Lifelong Connections!

Camp David is an international event welcoming teenagers worldwide for an unforgettable experience. Continuing our tradition, 2024 promises enriching Bible teaching, uplifting prayer sessions, and heart filling fun.


Our mission

To create safe spaces for teens to work through their challenging seasons guided by God’s spirit, and Godly mentors in the company of like minded peers.


Our Vision

To raise generations of young people who’ve healed from seasons of desolation, distress, and discontent to become mighty warriors for the Kingdom of God across all mountains of influence.


Pictures from past Camp David

Every camp leaves teenagers with memories for a lifetime, and we are privileged to capture some of those memories in pictures and in videos. Dive into our gallery to experience these memories with us.

Camp David 2024 Experience
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Camp David 2023 Experience
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Camp David 2022 Experience
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Camp David 2021 Experience
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